About the Author

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Judy McInerney has lived and worked in London and taught for most of her professional life. Living in the Middle East, she managed to get lost in the desert, and to live through a military coup. After teaching in Abu Dhabi and starting her own business in Turkey, she returned to London and completed a creative writing course at Goldsmiths. Writing occasionally for food and travel guides has enabled her to justify travelling and eating out far too often.

As a frequent traveller to China over the last thirty years she has seen the country undergo massive seismic changes, - from the times of Mao jackets and vast shoals of bicycles meandering along every hutong, to the present day, where Beijing is bigger than Belgium and has six million cars. She still travels in China each year to keep in close touch with family there. She also has a longstanding love affair with Italy, particularly the Renaissance cities of the north. Mantua is an undiscovered gem, both magical and macabre.

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She loves family, friends, food, wine and Wilf, the family rescue pup from China, who is clearly beside himself with excitement at the idea of the next novel in the pipeline.